Who We Are


My wife and I are recently repatriated to America from Taiwan. We made the crazy move with ourselves and our daughter, from Alabama, where we were both raised.


Our experience overseas gifted us with valuable lessons, amazing friendships, and an overall new look on the world. One thing that came of it was a deeper understanding of supply and demand, supply chains, and ecommerce.

In an attempt to make a living from something we are passionate about and knowledgeable on, we've started the Stuff-n-Things store.

I leverage my supply connections and relationships with factories, and she leverages her ideas, and together we hope to bring you an awesome online shopping experience.

We realize we aren't saving the world, but we do have a passion for creative outlet and unique and interesting products. We hope those combine in a way that serves you.


Our Mission


We are going to find cool products.
We hope to create some cool products too.
Overall, our goal is to bring those cool products to you.
We don't know if you'll love all the stuff we sell on Stuff-n-Things. But we promise to provide excellent customer service, and we stand behind the quality of what we sell. At the very least, we make a promise to do our very best to make sure that your online buying experience with us will be a positive one.
Welcome! We're super glad to have you.